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havent done this in awhile [Feb. 21st, 2005|11:19 pm]
[mooD |gratefulgrateful]
[MusiK |Rammstein- Heirate Mich]

this kinda died out for me... stopped giving a damn about it all

whats been happening? eh nothing too different... ive been enjoying my weekends a little bit more, its always a pleasure to hang out with them and actually be offered a ride. i wouldnt call it a personal cheuffer (spelling?), but i appreciate it

bowled a lot lately cause i got cleared for school... new high games and high series.
with the boot, top 6 games
252,245,244,242,234,227 ... with a new high series of 677

i found myself trying to make a big decision, its kinda personal but i made my choice... and how is it going? no fuckin idea...

idk y i did this... really bored i guess and no one is gunna read it... i think thats better
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(no subject) [Dec. 22nd, 2004|04:53 pm]
[MusiK |Iron Maiden- The Clansmen]

school sucks blah blah blah

almost christmas... im somewhat excited

Alumni day for bowling practice... kyle, strow, brett, and drew came back and bowled... and since it was just me kyle jamie tom and ruszala i thought id get my own lane and bowl...

125, 140, 197 (clean lol) and a 150 not bad if u ask me

took a fall... didnt really hurt ym ankle but landed on my elbow and cut it up pretty bad lol
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(no subject) [Dec. 18th, 2004|05:26 pm]
[MusiK |Rammstein- Adios]

had work today... $80 in tips plus my 6 hours of working to bring in a total of $114.50... thats like $20 an hour lol

bowled :-D : 135, 156, 165, 170 not bad at all considering im a cripple
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(no subject) [Dec. 16th, 2004|07:00 pm]
[MusiK |Pantera- Drag the Waters]

yea so i went to watch the school team bowl... still had a good time... i think they each won 2 games of 3 so thats always good. and it really sucks that i cant bowl anymore.

convinced a couple more people that i got into a knife fight... and it keeps getting funnier and funnier

nothing else to talk about really, but heres something that someone said to me that was pretty funny...

"Im sorry, but i dont give high fives to people without ankles."
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(no subject) [Dec. 10th, 2004|10:34 pm]
[MusiK |Rammstein- Hallelujah]

stayed home today.. watched band of brothers and movies galore then went to bowling and hung out with everyone there... it was funny

i told some people that i was in a knife fight in the parking lot last night and 2 people believed me... he kept jokin about it

i was like:
howd it happen? it was crazy and scary man.. i was in the parking lot last night and some guy jumped me with a knife... i wanted a fist fight but he drew a knife on me so its not my fault. "did u win?"
yea! u think this is bad u should see him. he just got lucky wen he cut only 3 ligaments in my ankle. "did u kill him man" no but i hear hes in critical condition and the cops said it was just self defense and i have nothign to worry about.

funny shit.. well they went out ice skating... they offered to pull me on a sled but thats just not my style so im just sitting here trying to occupy myself with something

comment on it bitchessssss... and ill be in school monday so no worries laura =]
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(no subject) [Dec. 9th, 2004|07:07 pm]
[MusiK |Megadeth- Tornado of Souls]

Worst day of my life... without question.

jumped up to spike a volleyball today.. came down and severed the 3 major ligaments in my ankle. I cant drive or bowl for 3 months, i can barely walk. no more school team for me... but im gunna go and watch. friday night leagues r over for me... havent decided if i was gunna go next week.

maybe its just gods way of showing me how much he hates me... i dont really know

so my life sucked before this incident... and even more now

it all had to happen in last period too... i planned on doing something that might have actually made me feel happy... but its gone now. i was gunna bring my dad and grandpa to bowling to show them how much ive improved... but thats gone.

im sick of my life, i really am.

RIP Dimebag Darrel RIP
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(no subject) [Dec. 8th, 2004|04:36 pm]
[mooD |lonelylonely]
[MusiK |Korn- Another Brick in the Wall]

yea i had practice today...
Ok guys we r working on spare conversions this game! meanwhile i start off with 4 splits... hows that for a spare conversion. so i ended that game with a 157, pure shit

then i rolled a clean 210 game so i guess that made up for it.

i recently discovered how much i dislike Mrs. Friedman... Ok guys come up and see ur quiz scores in my book... so i go up there and i see 59/64 and im thinking to myself , finally an A in this god damn class
but the next day she hands out the quizzes... O conor i made a mistake in the boook so u didnt get an A u got a B, im sorry. ... wat a bitch.

then we had Hagan's pop history quiz which i thought was funny...
"#2. What is the AAA?"
"shit... uhhhh Agriculture A(Scribble) Act"

and i get credit for it... telling people about it was the funniest part. Agricultural Ad(mumble) Act.

I have a match tomorrow.. ill let u know how it all goes.
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December.... yea [Dec. 6th, 2004|08:15 pm]
[MusiK |Rammstein- Sonne]

Match #2 MHS Varisty

161 =( 173 =\ 198 =) = 532 series 177 average... eh not my best

we lost the first 2 and pulled through in the last game and won by a lot i think... i blew 2 possible deuces because i cant pick up a fucking spare... got a match thursday against dave and freehold township come watch me at shore lanes lol

we always seem to lose the first 2 and come back to win the third... so we start off every match on a winning streak if u think about it
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(no subject) [Dec. 3rd, 2004|11:49 pm]
[MusiK |Blue Oyster Cult- Dont Fear the Reaper]

do a lot of people read this? i highly doubt it so ill use it as a way to promote myself and my scores

715 on friday in 4 games...

and remember children: "Cockiness is half the battle" --Ryan, cousin
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(no subject) [Dec. 2nd, 2004|10:33 pm]
[MusiK |Rammstein- Spieluhr]

bowled for my first school varsity match of the year... we lost 2 out of 3. i got a 551 series: 194,202,155... zala said it was just nerves... but i bowled wat i was supposed to, i held my own ground idk about the other people
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